Blockchain: Boarding the Bus of Web3

Announcing my blockchain specialization certificate

Blockchain: Boarding the Bus of Web3

I have wanted to taste Web3 since 2years ago but my full-time job wouldn't give me a breathing space... Last month; I began exploring this demon that is taking us unaware upon the recommendation of a friend.

My approach was to first take a few “formal” courses before learning others on the fly. Thus, I enrolled in a specialization by the University at Buffalo (the State University of New York- SUNY) which comprised 4 courses ranging from history and theory of decentralized systems, hands-on coding with solidity language to the architecture and development of confidential and public DApps. view certificate

Some Notable Technologies:

  • GridPlus caught my attention, maybe because of my Chemical Engineering background; this is seems to be currently the most disruptive use of blockchain in solving physical real-world challenges. By the way, why can't we have such in Africa and put an end to prepaid meter nags and inefficient power distribution?...
  • Hyperledger Fabric’s modular architecture, Hedera Hashgraph’s fast and efficient gossiping consensus protocol, and IPFS decentralized way of storing and accessing data.

Being an open-source guy, I will surely contribute to a few of these technologies.

Thanks to Prof. Bina Ramamurthy of the University at Bufallo for the guide and John Wolpert of ConsenSys for the consistent Practitioner’s perspective section.